• “I was acquitted of all charges. I’m positive that my case in any other hands would not have had the results I received.”

    — J.W., former client.

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  • “Mr. Gapasin was with me every step of the way and was available 24/7 whenever I needed any help or had any questions.”

    – Former client, 3 Nov 2017.

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  • “The charges against me were dismissed today and I can move on with my life. I highly recommend that you hire Mr. Gapasin to represent you in your case.”

    — M.F., former client

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  • I was accused of 4 separate charges and was fully acquitted. I felt like Mr. Gapasin personally wanted to help me.”

    — S.P., former client

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Are You Under Investigation? Have You Been Charged Under The UCMJ? Or Are You Facing Separation From The Military?

With 23+ Years in the Courtroom, Ernesto Gapasin is an Experienced Court-Martial Lawyer Who Can Win Your Case.

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Authenticated Client Testimonials from AVVO.com:

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CLICK HERE to see Court-Martial Trial Results from 2008 to Today!!

All initial consultations with Mr. Gapasin fall under the attorney-client privilege and are COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL.

Ernesto Gapasin, Atty. at Law

  • Former JAG Defense Counsel and Senior Defense Counsel,
  • Former Part-Time Military Magistrate,
  • Former JAG Prosecutor,
  • Former Legal Advisor for Summary Courts-Martial Officers,
  • Former Article 32 Legal Advisor,
  • Former Legal Advisor to Investigating Officers,
  • Iraq Combat Vet who also served overseas in Okinawa, Japan and Korea,
  • Top 100 National Trial Lawyer, the author of multiple articles in law journals,
  • Admitted to the United States Supreme Court, AND
  • Licensed To Practice In ALL Military Courts.
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Will Worsham, Atty. at Law, Of Counsel

  • Practice in Both Federal and State Criminal Defense,
  • Sitting Court Judge for Tri-City area,
  • Former Assistant County Prosecutor,
  • Weekly Appearance on popular show, “Speaking Legal”, held on regionally broadcast show,
  • Awarded Top 40 Under 40 by Business Journal in 2009, AND
  • Licensed To Practice In ALL Military Courts.
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Fox2 News covers high-profile military trial and interviews lead court-martial lawyer, Mr. Gapasin.


Look At These Past Results!

NOT GUILTY to ALL Charges of Sex Assault and False Official Statement. Gapasin reveals clear evidence that the accuser was in a fully-functioning "black-out state of mind" and NOT unconscious. Read More
NOT GUILTY of Rape. Prosecutors show Hallway Video of Accuser Running Out of Client's Dorm Room in Tears. However, Mr. Gapasin's Aggressive, Well-Prepared Cross-Examination Reveals Un-credible and "Consensual" Accuser. Read More
NOT GUILTY Of Rape and Sexual Assault.  Mr. Gapasin Aggressively Cross-Examines Accuser and shows her lack of credibility. Read More
Drill Sergeant found NOT Guilty After Gapasin Attacks Weak Forensic Evidence and Lays Out Credible, Reasonable Defense. Read More
NOT GUILTY of ALL 32 SPECIFICATIONS.  After a weeklong trial, Officer and Enlisted Panel Find that Gapasin's client did NOT engage in Multiple Allegations of Fraud, Larceny and False Official Statements. Read More
NOT GUILTY of Sex Assault.  Gapasin Uses CID's Forensic Evidence and Accuser's Weak Testimony To Argue How the Government Fails Its Burden to Prove Officer Committed Sexual Assault. Read More 
RETAINED.  Despite facing serious allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment, Gapasin's client is RETAINED and Board of Officers find the allegations are UNSUBSTANTIATED. Read More

See More Case Results From 2008 To Present (click here)


Focusing On Court-Martial Defense And Separation Boards.

ERNESTO GAPASIN is a Court-Martial Lawyer who has been defending clients in trials for over 23 years.  The court-martial cases that Mr. Gapasin has litigated have been reported on by hundreds of media outlets across the country and around the world, to include: CNN, Fox News, Newsweek, The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, Time, USA Today, 60 Minutes, Stars and Stripes, Air Force Times, Army Times, Navy Times, Associated Press, The New York Times, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Las Vegas Sun, among many others.

Types of Court-Martial cases vary widely, and it takes a skilled military attorney to mount an effective defense. Mr. Gapasin has handled a variety of military criminal defense cases involving a multitude of issues.  Mr. Gapasin's practice has included:

Experienced, Aggressive Defense Wherever You Are Located.

Courts-Martial take place in South Korea, Japan, Okinawa, and Germany, Italy, England and Spain. Mr. Gapasin has defended clients in military courtrooms in the United States and all of these overseas locations. Mr. Gapasin continues to represent military service members wherever they are located.

(Note: Your Location Does Not Matter. We Represent Clients Wherever The Military Is Stationed.)

The Best Defense Is An Early Defense. Having The Right Court-Martial Lawyer On Your Side From Day 1 Is The Key To A Successful Defense.

Are You Facing A Similar Legal Situation?

  • Military law enforcement wants your permission to search your home, computer, and personal things?
  • You are the next target of the military's overly aggressive sexual assault policy?
  • You are being investigated and no one has told you why and even your command refuses to give you any details?
  • Your commander orders you to write out a “sworn” statement about what happened even though you want legal advice?
  • You go to an off-post restaurant and see the prosecutors in your case having lunch with your detailed JAG lawyer?
  • You catch your detailed military defense counsel laughing it up and joking around during a recess with the same prosecutor who is trying to end your career and to put you in confinement.
  • An officer was appointed to investigate your legal situation and wants you to come in and write out a statement?
  • Your detailed JAG lawyer keeps telling you to sign off on the Discharge for an Other Than Honorable Discharge even though you want to stay in the military?
  • Military law enforcement told you that agreeing to do a polygraph was the best way of closing the investigation against you?
  • Your chain of command, the prosecutor and your detailed JAG lawyer tell you that taking nonjudicial punishment is your best choice even though you are innocent and want to fight the allegations?
  • You are being told that if you agree to nonjudicial punishment rather than a court-martial, your unit promises not to initiate separation proceedings afterwards — but they don't want to put it in writing?
  • Did you sign a sworn statement against your will or without knowing your rights?
  • Your detailed JAG lawyer is trying to convince you that you will be convicted if you don't sign the guilty plea even though you already told him that you are in fact innocent?

If so, call GAPASIN LAW GROUP so you know your rights and what to do when you are facing these life and career-threatening situations. Fill out the form to the left, click “Submit”, and we will call you shortly for your no-cost telephone consultation.

Remember, a quick plea deal may not be in your best interests, and may wreck your life down the road. Ask yourself: 5 years from now, when you look back on this decision to take the deal and not to fight the charges, is that a decision you're going to regret? The answer is almost always yes — especially when your free military lawyer forces you to take a deal you don't want. Call us. We will discuss all of your options with you, not just a guilty plea.

If you are facing an investigation or if you are pending charges for any of these offenses, whether it is for nonjudicial punishment (e.g., Article 15, Captain's Mast) or a Summary, Special or General Courts-Martial, call GAPASIN LAW GROUP as soon as possible. Be warned, any mistakes you or your free, detailed military lawyer make early in the process will haunt you for the rest of the case. It is critical that you have experienced counsel right away.

What A Recent Client Had To Say . . .

“I was facing serious charges of UCMJ Article 120 for sexual assault and rape. It was an extremely long process that lasted years. I retained Ernesto and he immediately began working my defense and was very upfront about the conviction I could be facing. Ernesto was with me every step of the way and was available 24/7 whenever I needed any help or had any questions. Ernesto's professionalism, analytical skills, cross examination, and overall performance was simply outstanding. I would not trust any other attorney with my case other than Ernesto. During the court martial, Ernesto stood out well above anyone else and proved to be an extremely valuable member of the defense team from his preparation to his execution; he left nothing on the table and gave it all he had. In the end the court found me NOT GUILTY and acquitted of all charges. Ernesto's overall performance was the best anyone could ask for. I would highly recommend Ernesto to anyone who is facing serious charges if you are looking for a serious defense attorney who will do anything he can to protect you.” — 4 Nov 2017, posted on AVVO

(**Read other testimonials by clicking here or going to the “Resources” tab above, and then clicking on “Client Testimonials”).

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You, your family, and your career are our top priorities. GAPASIN LAW GROUP, LLC will aggressively defend you to protect your rights, to win your case, and to give you your day in court. If you are serious about hiring a military defense attorney to defend you, call or email us now and we can discuss your matter privately and in confidence. We focus on winning tough cases.

GLG's Military Trial Notebook says . . . "Have Your Courtroom Objections Locked And Loaded."

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Lesson Points:
1. Know when objections will be made in the trial, and know what objections should be expected for each item of evidence.

2. Diligently prepare well-thought out objections long before trial, always including the rule from the MCM along with any on-point cases if it exists.

3. Prepare a separate hard copy print-out of the expected objections and written-out arguments in its own separate section of your trial notebook or folder, always keeping it close and readily available to reference throughout the trial.