Client Testimonials

A.R. Recommends Ernesto Gapasin

“I was charged with multiple offenses under the UCMJ based on a 15-6 Investigation from my chain of command that led to a general court martial with me facing over 40 years of confinement and sex offender registration. From the moment of consulting Mr. Gapasin to hire him for my defense until the end of the court martial he informed me of every course of action that he was going to take throughout the whole process including me in the decision making. During the court martial Mr. Gapasin proved that not only the accuser by the witnesses were incredible and dishonest. In the end I was found NOT GUILTY of all charges and specifications! Words or actions cannot show the gratitude I have towards Mr. Gapasin, I truly feel that without his experience and dedication as a defense attorney I would not be able to be with my family today. I highly recommend Mr. Gapasin to represent you!”

– A.R.