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Article 32 Hearing and General Court Martial

My son was facing 30-50 years in federal miltary prison at the age of 20. He was accused of sodomy x2,disboeying a lawful command,oxocodine usage and attempted sodomy. This was his Second Court Martial only this time he was facing a General Court Martial which carries a max life sentence. I couldn't take any chances but when Ernesto Gapasin was hired for the case it was a relief. Mr. Gapsain at the article 32 hearing fought for my son the 2 sodomy charges were thrown out Thanks to Mr. Gapasin. With the remainibg charges he plead guiilty with his attorney still fighting by his side he received a 10 month sentence and will be coming home May 2013. If you want an attorney that will fight for you and get results call Mr. Gaopasin.

– Anonymous


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