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Client Testimonials

Outside The Box Thinking

Mr. Gapasin had a logical, analytical, and outside the box thinking when reviewing my case. This mindset was instrumental in winning my case. I was falsely accused of an Article 120 and had no clue how to even start to defend myself. The first lawyer I retained failed to capture crucial evidence in a timely manner, was not responsive, and was more concerned with the politics in the JAG community. After retaining Mr. Gapasin he quickly began working on gathering any evidence and witness testimonies. Mr. Gapasin provided direction on what I needed to provide him and aspects of the case I should think about and provide him any information that could be helpful. He took the time to walk me through what to expect through out the process. He was also incredibly valuable because his services bridged the gap between being booked to finally getting assigned a Military Defense Lawyer which occurred 8 months after being booked. Moreover, during subsequent motions and pre-trials he collaborated with my Military defense lawyer and myself providing great advice with positive results. During the trial he was professional and on point giving an awesome cross examination in which the “alleged victim” provided contradictory testimony. I would highly recommend Mr. Gapasin to anyone facing criminal charges. He was diligent, patient, understanding, and informative through out the whole process. 

– Anonymous