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Post-Trial Appeals, All Levels of Military Appeals, Review Boards for ALL Military Branches (e.g., Boards of Correction of Military Records)

If you are looking for a lawyer to appeal your case, you need a Military Lawyer experienced in the Post-Trial process of a Military Court Martial. GAPASIN LAW GROUP understands the intricate process of the Military Appellate process.  Additionally, however, your appeals lawyer should understand what is involved in the trial process and how the litigation process works.  Too many attorneys believe that filing the best appeal is reading cases and submitting a brief.  Some of these attorneys who call themselves appellate attorneys lack the litigation experience and lack the time in a courtroom to truly understand how to approach questions of law and properly appeal the important legal issues before an appellate court.

Mr. Gapasin knows what must be done from the beginning of the clemency process all the way through to performing oral arguments before the Military Appellate Judges of the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces.  Appellate work is a long, arduous process that only a seasoned advocate should tackle.  Your lawyer must be willing to put in long hours of investigating and working with you and family members in order to be successful on appeal. Contact Mr. Gapasin to discuss your rights during the appellate process and what to expect.  Mr. Gapasin frequently handles a client's clemency in addition to your appeal depending on the status of your post-trial case and the facts of your case.

If you or a loved one received a Guilty finding in a court-martial, or finding of Guilt in a similar adjudication process, contact GAPASIN LAW GROUP by calling 1-(888) 919-8265 or by emailing us using the form to the left.  Contact us now for a Free Consultation.

Review Boards for ALL Military Branches


Army Board for Correction of Military Records:  Corrects errors and removes injustices from Army military records after all lower level administrative remedies have been exhausted.  It also reviews discharges of former Soldiers granted over 15 years ago and those given as a sentence of a General Court-Martial.

Army Discharge Review Board:  Reviews discharges of former Soldiers discharged within the last 15 years, except discharges given as a sentence of a General Court-Martial, to determine if the discharge was proper and equitable.

Army Grade Determination Review Board:  Makes decisions on advancing retired enlisted and warrant officers to the highest grade they held satisfactorily after a total of 30 years time on Active Duty and on the retired list.

Air Force:

Personnel Security Appeal Board (PSAB):  Adjudicates appeals of security eligibility/clearance withdrawals by the AFCAF (Air Force Central Adjudication Facility).  The PSAB determines if the appellant should have their eligibility reinstated or if their appeal should be denied.

Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records (AFBCMR):  A statutory board of civilians considering applications for correction of military records submitted by Air Force members (Regular, Guard and Reserve), former members of the Air Force, or persons with a proper interest in the correction of a person's military record.

AF Discharge Review Board:  Statutory Board that examines an applicant's administrative discharge and may change the characterization of service and/or the reason for the discharge based on standards of equity or propriety.

Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard:

Board for Correction of Naval Records:  The BCNR is the highest level of administrative review within the Department of the Navy.  Our mission is to correct errors and remove injustices from Naval records.


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