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Child-Related Offenses

If you are facing child-related offenses, you need an experienced litigator who understands the importance of winning the points of view and perception of panel members. In a child-related offense, the prosecution frequently expects to convict the accused based solely on the belief that the panel will see a poor, innocent child who was victimized by the accused. GAPASIN LAW GROUP has litigated a number of cases involving child-related offenses and knows that there can be more than meets the eye. Frequently an estranged spouse facing divorce lures the child of the client on their side, brainwashing the child into testifying against the accused for crimes that were never committed. Frequently, law enforcement and social works may inadvertently and sometimes purposefully suggest facts or incidents in the mind of the child that never even occurred. Cross-examining a child witness is one of the most delicate of skills for the trial lawyer, and one that requires experience to be successful at. Mr. Gapasin taught a course for JAG military defense counsel titled, “Innocence Lost: Cross-Examining the Child Victim.”  His course was based on the suggestibility of children and how impressionable small children and even pre-teens can be to an estranged parent, a social worker, or law enforcement. GAPASIN LAW GROUP understands the complexities involved in a court-martial involving child victims, and hiring us is a strategic move that can save your career.


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