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Computer Crimes

If you are alleged to have committed a computer-based crime such as child pornography or financial fraud, then an experienced attorney in the area of computer forensics and computer crime defense is a must. GAPASIN LAW GROUP has litigated many cases involving a need for intensive computer knowledge and the use of computer forensic experts. Computer forensic experts can expose how files were loaded onto the hard drive, which files had been catalogued or were merely part of the temporary cache system, or which files may have been the product of “pop-up” windows and automatic downloading such that the accused would not have known of their presence, and which files if any were part of a peer-to-peer file sharing network. Mr. Gapasin has litigated a number of these cases with success. He will do everything possible obtain the best experts in the country and request their appointment to your defense at the Government's expense. Computer forensic experts will be able to fully analyze the hard drives within the confines of an attorney-client privilege and to generate reports or information showing how many user accounts were on the computer, the security level of these accounts, or whether peer to peer file swapping software was installed on the computer and on what accounts. Mr. Gapasin will review the hard drives to understand the nature of the evidence in your case.

Mr. Gapasin understands computer forensics and the analysis and interpretation of computer data, programming, the technical workings of the computer, disk operating system, the technical workings of the type of peer-to-peer software involved in the charged offenses. Experience in computer crime defense is absolutely necessary to have in your corner. In association with an expert, Mr. Gapasin will work to find relevant exculpatory forensic evidence, point out weaknesses in the government's case, and properly utilize a forensic expert to develop relevant and sufficiently technical cross-examination.


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