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DNA Evidence

You may be involved in the type of case that involves DNA evidence such as a sexual assault case or homicide. If so, GAPASIN LAW GROUP is experienced in attacking DNA evidence and properly using DNA forensic experts. DNA evidence can be very difficult for the beginner defense lawyer. Mr. Gapasin, on the other hand, has handled numerous cases involving DNA evidence and he has been successful in obtaining some of the best DNA experts in the country. The appointment of a DNA expert may be essential to your defense. A veteran trial lawyer may be able to prove that DNA was improperly collected and cross-contaminated by an inexperienced CID agent or SANE with little if any actual experience in DNA collection and processing.

Mr. Gapasin will know when and how to obtain the appointment of a DNA expert at the Government's expense. Typically where a DNA expert is needed, he or she will assist the defense with understanding the complex scientific evidence pertaining to DNA, understanding the proper collection methodologies, identifying problems with the government's scientific evidence, and preparing effective cross-examination of the Government's expert regarding the scientific evidence. DNA is a complex area of science and no two cases are the same. Mr. Gapasin has the experience in this area in order to effectively prepare for this case. Retaining an experienced lawyer in the field of forensic evidence and DNA is a must in order for you to have a successful outcome.


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