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Have you been accused of possession, ingestion or distribution? If the answer is yes and you are serious about hiring a Civilian Defense Counsel, fill out the Confidential Form to the right for a Free Telephone Consultation. We will call you shortly.

GAPASIN LAW GROUP knows that drug cases can be some of the more difficult cases for the government to prosecute. Experts such as toxicologists being involved at trial is almost a given. If you do not have a lawyer who is comfortable with working with experts, or who has experience working on drug cases, then you need to find one. GAPASIN LAW GROUP has experience and success working on cases involving the full range of drug offenses, from possession and use to the more serious offense of distribution.

Many service members are also effected by what is known as the Limited Use Policy. There is a real possibility that you may not be prosecuted for any involvement with drugs due to this policy. In the military, the objectives of the Limited Use Policy are to facilitate the identification of service members who abuse alcohol and other drugs by encouraging them to rehabilitate. Under the policy, the government is prohibited from using protected evidence, which is evidence that falls under certain factors of the Limited Use Policy. Such protected evidence cannot be used against a service members in actions under the UCMJ or on the issue of characterization of service in administrative proceedings. Additionally, the policy limits the characterization of discharge to “Honorable” if protected evidence is used.

Contact Mr. Gapasin to determine whether or not the Limited Use Policy applies to the facts of your situation. Mr. Gapasin has litigated cases involving everything from spice to THC or marijuana and to harder substances such as cocaine and heroin. Undoubtedly, drugs are a destructive force in our society. Service members are entrusted with our nation's defense, and therefore hold a higher standard of conduct. As a result, military members are especially looked down upon and singled out for the preferral of charges and ultimately separation. Mr. Gapasin, however, has litigated cases that resulted in full acquittals as well as retention.