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DUI or Alcohol-Related Offenses

Are you being charged with DUI or alcohol-related offenses? If the answer is yes, and if you are serious about hiring a Court-Martial Lawyer, fill out the Confidential Form below for your Free Telephone Consultation. GAPASIN LAW GROUP will get back with you shortly.

GAPASIN LAW GROUP knows that in many cases, and depending on the facts of your case, your DUI case can be very winnable. One of the main reasons a DUI case is very winnable is because law enforcement and Military Police have very high standards to maintain in a DUI stop. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) requires several steps that law enforcement must follow in order to properly conduct DWI detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Detection. If an officer inaccurately follows the NHTSA stopping sequence of a vehicle, then that is a point in your favor. If an officer skips over a step, or inadvertently leaves out a phase of the protocol DWI detection, then the officer clearly fails to follow his training, thereby leaving open that door to reasonable doubt.

The prosecutors must prove that as you were in physical control of your vehicle, that you handled your vehicle in a reckless manner, or drunk or impaired, or your alcohol concentration in your blood or breath equaled to or exceeded that applicable limit in the state you are stationed in. Prosecutors may have to prove that you were so intoxicated to sufficiently impair the rational and full exercise of your mental or physical faculties. This, also, is difficult to prove. Mr. Gapasin knows what experts need to be appointed to the defense in order to support your case and disapprove the prosector's evidence.

If you are accused of DUI or alcohol-related offenses, you need an experienced Court-Martial Lawyer like Mr. Gapasin who understands the steps and protocol that law enforcement must follow. Mr. Gapasin's desire is to keep law enforcement honest and to ensure that they they follow the proper protocol and procedures so your rights are not violated.


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