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High-Profile Media Cases

If you are the accused in a case that has attracted a significant amount of media attention, you need an attorney who is experienced in handling high-profile media cases. Military service men and women have a high standard of conduct placed upon them by the public. Its no wonder why the news and other media outlets are so fascinated and attracted by service members who are accused of high-profile crimes.

Our Cases Have Been Covered By Some Of The Following Media Outlets
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Sample of Television and Print Media Covering Our Cases:

If you are charged with a crime and your case is closely followed by the media, whether by newspaper publications or television media, you need an attorney who can institute a strategic plan to use the media in your favor.  We will do just that and use the media to your advantage. GAPASIN LAW GROUP has litigated a number of trials that have garnered high-profile media attention and that have been covered by major news outlets such as CNN, ABC News, Fox News, and even periodicals such as Rolling Stone. Mr. Gapasin also contributed to a multi-series documentary titled, The War Comes Home, by Elliot Smith of Bloomberg News, which is about service members who deploy to war but return with serious mental and behavioral issues. Courts-Martial that are covered by major media outlets are big-time cases, and you need an attorney in your corner who knows how to handle the media and public relations issues, and how to work the media to your advantage.

Be aware that your detailed JAG counsel likely has restrictions in accordance with their standard operating procedures as to communication with media. It is more likely than not that your detailed JAG counsel is prohibited from using the media for your advantage. Your JAG counsel likely has to seek approval through his chain of command before even just speaking with the media. His or her chain of command is likely to disapprove your desire to get the media involved in your case. The reason is to avoid stepping on anyone's toes in the process. This prohibition against your detailed JAG counsel is restrictive to your defense, and in many ways, infringes on your ability to have your full and fair day in court. The prosecutors, the Staff Judge Advocate, and other Government parties will more than likely have every opportunity to speak to the media. The Government will likely have its own Public Media Officer, or PMO, who will spearhead a media attack in order to garner public support against you.

If you are facing a high-profile media case, call GAPASIN LAW GROUP. We have experience working high-profile media cases in any military court martial.


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