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Other Sex-Related Offenses

GAPASIN LAW GROUP focuses on sex assault cases.  We know that sex offender registration is like a life sentence — it will follow you wherever you go, and will affect you in every area of your life. Whether you are seeking employment, attending church activities, or spending time with your family in public places, registration can adversely affect you. Due to recent congressional action, nearly most of the sex-related offenses in the military will result in registration as a sex offender in some form. If you are charged with a sex-related offense in the military, you need all the firepower you can get for your defense. Mr. Gapasin can listen to your case and help you understand the legal ramifications of sex-related offenses. Generally however, if you are convicted of a sex-related offense, the conviction will be reported by your military branch to any state you will reside, work, or attend school. If you reside or work on a military installation, you will be registered as a sex offender in the state in which the installation is located and on the installation itself.

If you are not satisfied with your detailed JAG counsel's level of experience, you need to hire an experienced civilian military defense lawyer. The reason is because if you are convicted, your conviction is reported to the state you will live in. That state is required under federal law to register you. Each state has different laws, but the minimum established by federal law is that the following information will be reported: The accused's nickname and aliases if any; any Internet identifiers such as email address; any land line or cell phone numbers; social security number; his residence address to include any place where he temporarily resides for seven or more days; passport numbers; employer name and address; places where the offender may work whether temporarily or a fixed location; name and address of any school the accused may attend; vehicle description and license information; date of birth; the accused's physical description and current photograph; fingerprints and palm prints; description of the offense; DNA that will be entered into the FBI administered Combined DNA Index; and driver's license information.

It is a federal crime to fail to register and to keep that registration current in those locales to which the accused may live, work or attend school. If you are accused of a sex-related offense, contact Mr. Gapasin at GAPASIN LAW GROUP. Your way of life depends on it.


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