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January 22, 2016, Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, U.S. v. E-6.  Tech Sergeant is accused of two specifications of unprofessional conduct.  One allegation is for maintaining an unprofessional relationship with a female Senior Airman (E-4) and also for serving drinks to the same Senior Airman, an alleged minor.  Any Guilty finding would end the Tech Sergeant's career.  He hires Mr. Gapasin to represent him.  At trial, Gapasin aggressively cross-examines the client's accuser, an Airman who used to be the client's roommate.  This Airman is the one who accused client of having an unprofessional relationship.  The former roommate testified that the client would make out with the Senior Airman in their apartment and serve her drinks even though she was underage.  Gapasin handedly discredits client's former roommate, revealing clear reprisal and a motive to fabricate because Gapasin's client previously gave a statement to Security Forces that this former roommate had sexually assaulted a female Senior Airman.  RESULT:  FULL ACQUITTAL, NOT GUILTY of ALL Specifications.