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J.H.C. III Recommends Ernesto Gapasin

“I highly recommend Mr. Gapasin for a few reasons. I came under investigation approximately 10 months ago for 7 specifications of mistreatment of Soldiers and 1 charge of being a sexist and degrading leader. I can honestly say I thought my career, life, and my ability to ever be a leader in the Army was over with. On top of the investigation I was treated unfairly, moved 2 hours away from my duty station and forced to endure constant abuse and mistreatment from my own (COC) while their investigaton was on going. I was also forced to sit back while my character was destroyed by younger Soldiers with less than half of my experience and rank. Early on, I was maybe like you not knowing where to turn or how to even go about finding a proper defense. I made 3 separate phone calls to civilian counsel until I spoke with Mr. Gapasin. From the beginning he assured me to follow his instructions which were simply continue to do the right thing along with DO NOT MAKE ANY STATEMENTS TO CID AND/OR THE 15-6 OFFICER. I capitalized the last statement to make it clear Mr. Gapasin has the knowledge and experience to handle your case or any case relatively speaking. It was this vast knowledge that allowed him to destroy the government's case of over 15 witnesses and multiple charges. He was also able to have the government's witnesses impeached through their own counsel. I will say up front a proper defense is an expensive one; but truly ask yourself as it is said numerous times, your investment is worth it . . . Frankly speaking the government does not care nor does your COC to ruin your life and good merit in the military. I will always be in debt to Mr. Gapasin, he is an amazing warrior for you in the courtroom.”

– J.H.C. III


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