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Matthew Weekley

Matthew Weekley, Legal Assistant

Matthew is a recent graduate of Missouri State University with a bachelor's degree in political science, pre-law. Matthew was an upstanding student who made the Dean's list multiple times and was able to display his communication skills by winning first place in a regional international relations debate called Model Arab League where he represented Iraq. Matthew comes from a long line of military veterans with his father serving in the army for close to 30 years. Matthew has grown up and lived on military bases all over the world. Because of this, he has naturally become aware of the inner workings and the functions of the military. Matthew was fortunate enough to have an overseas employment opportunity with the Department of the Army working for the chief master planner for Camp Humphreys which is a $10 Billion transformation program and currently the largest U.S military base overseas. While there, he performed various tasks and directly supported the development of the military base. The experience he gained allowed him to familiarize himself with military contracting programs as he performed research on governmental financial management topics and analyzed government purchase card processes and contract procurement. Matthew also had the opportunity to work for a data science company called Research methods and Data Science Lab. It was at this company that Matthew assembled and led a diverse team to prepare marketing and business development campaigns. Being the lead point of contact, Matthew was able to establish a strong connection with many well-known universities to create partnerships to have students of these schools interact with the data science software for research and job development purposes.