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September 20, 2018, U.S. v. E-6, United States Navy, Norfolk Naval Station, Norfolk, Virginia. The Government accuses Navy Sailor, a CS1 (E-6) with 11 years of service, of creating a hostile work environment and making a false official statement under Article 107, UCMJ. Sailor is sent to non-judicial punishment. Client consults with Nathan Freeburg and subsequently turns down non-judicial punishment and demands trial by court-martial. Predictably, the client's command orders a separation board rather than prefer charges to a court-martial. Freeburg closely works with with the client, preparing an extensive list of character witnesses and a rebuttal to the government charges. With the advice of Mr. Freeburg, client maintains his innocence throughout the board process. Freeburg aggressively represents client at the separation board. RESULT: Misconduct NOT SUBSTANTIATED. FULL RETENTION.