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Negotiated MINIMAL PUNISHMENT. NO Sex Offender Registration.

July 30, 2015, Wisconsin National Guard, Madison, Wisconsin. U.S. v. E-7. Mr. Gapasin is retained in Wisconsin's first-ever court-martial. Wisconsin National Guard unit prefers charges against Sergeant First Class based on the allegations of seven female cadets and recruits who allege sexual harassment and other serious misconduct. The Article 32, which did not proceed under the recently passed NDAA 2015, took place over the course of two days. During Mr. Gapasin's aggressive cross-examinations, three (3) of the accusers refused to testify unless they were granted immunity. By the conclusion of the Article 32, seven (7) of the originally-preferred nineteen (19) specifications were dismissed. Mr. Gapasin conducted extensive discovery during the Article 32 and after it thereby revealing a lack of credibility of several of the client's accusers. Due to the dismissed specifications and the lack of aggravating evidence, the client opted to negotiate a deal with the Government for minimal punishment. RESULT: Negotiated MINIMAL PUNISHMENT. NO Sex Offender Registration.