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NO DISCHARGE, and client is allowed to RETIRE.  Other minimal punishment.

April 14, 2018, U.S. v. E-7, United States Army, Vicenza, Italy.  Sergeant First Class with 18 years of service is accused of aggravated assault, the attempted strangulation of his wife and the aggravated assault of his daughter as well as other alleged physical assaults.  The Government prefers charges against the Sergeant First Class which are later referred to a General Court Martial.  Client faces a potential Dishonorable Discharge, years in prison and the loss of his retirement.  After extensive, aggressive litigation, Mr. Freeburg convinces the Government to dismiss the strangulation allegation.  Freeburg reveals a number of crushing evidentiary problems with the Government's case.  As a result, the Government agrees to a no-discharge, no-separation deal in the re-referral to a Special Court Martial, which is a lesser disposition compared with the General Court-Martial the client was facing.  With this deal, Freeburg protects the client's retirement.  RESULT:  NO DISCHARGE, and client is allowed to RETIRE.  Other minimal punishment.


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