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NO Federal Conviction, NO Court-Martial.

November 6, 2018, U.S. v. E-4, United States Army, Fort Benning, Georgia.  U.S. Army Ranger is accused of purchasing various drugs from a paralegal.  The Government initiates a Summary Court-Martial in an attempt to force him to testify against his friends.  GCW Law is retained and Mr. Nathan Freeburg conducts an extensive investigation of the file.  He determines that the Government cannot prove guilt at a real trial (unlike the sham trial that is a Summary Court-Martial). Freeburg also concludes that the Government is bluffing his client to force him to testify.  Based upon Mr. Freeburg's advice, Client demands that the case go to a full court-martial.  Having had their bluff called, the Army drops the charges.  RESULT:  NO Federal Conviction, NO Court-Martial.