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NOT GUILTY Of All Charges And Specifications.

December 12, 2013, USCG Base Boston, Boston, Massachusetts. U.S. v. E-8. Senior Enlisted Member of Coast Guard with over 24 years of service is prosecuted for false official statement and three specifications of perjury. Charges stem from prior testimony and statements regarding accusations of illegally possessing an assault rifle in violation of strict Massachusetts gun laws. Charges also stem from accusations of reckless endangerment of minor child and disobeying base orders regarding gun registration requirements. High-profile case due to accusations made just days before Sandy Hook massacre in December 2012. Accused service member retains Mr. Gapasin to represent her. Mr. Gapasin files aggressive motions based on the Defense position of a Vindictive Prosecution and the existence of Unlawful Command Influence. Mr. Gapasin takes case to trial and the client is found Not Guilty of all charges and specifications. RESULT: NOT GUILTY Of All Charges And Specifications.