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NOT GUILTY to Forcible Oral Sex, NO Confinement.

December 2, 2015, Camp Casey, Korea. U.S. v. E-6.  Staff Sergeant is accused of multiple allegations made by a female Specialist.  One of the charged specifications alleged that he committed forcible oral sex in the Specialist's barracks room when she was too intoxicated to consent. This offense alone carried a maximum punishment of 30 years.  The Staff Sergeant's DNA was obtained from underpants of the Specialist.  He retains Mr. Gapasin to represent him in his court-martial. Gapasin cross-examines the accuser and reveals multiple inconsistencies in her allegations. He also cross-examines the USACIL lab forensic expert and reveals DNA results that are inconsistent with the accuser's claim that she was forced to perform oral sex in the shower while too intoxicated to consent. Gapasin elicits testimony that reveals a lack of forensic evidence obtained from the Alternate Light Search (ALS) of the bathroom.  Officer Panel acquits client of forcible oral sex. Prosecutors ask for 10 years confinement for remaining offenses. Gapasin argues at sentencing and client receives NO confinement.    RESULT: NOT GUILTY to Forcible Oral Sex, NO Confinement.