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There are a number of cases that Mr. Gapasin had negotiated for reducing a General Courts-Martial or Special Courts-Martial to nothing more than nonjudicial punishment. There are other cases that Mr. Gapasin fought hard for a Chapter 10 in lieu of a Court-Martial in order to save the client from protracted criminal litigation as well as a Federal conviction. Further yet, there are also cases Mr. Gapasin obtained testimonial immunity on behalf of his client in order to protect them from serious convictions for offenses such as negligent homicide, high-level drug distribution, and even aiding and abetting in a high-profile case involving murder and alleged war crimes in Afghanistan. Clearly, not every case can be reported. If you retain Mr. Gapasin of Gapasin Law Group, you can be confident that you are retaining counsel who is experienced in the serious legal issues you are facing.