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P.S. Recommends Ernesto Gapasin

“I was being accused of 3 charges which were 1:”without authority absent himself from his unit,” 2. “with intent to deceive sign an official document,” 3.” forgery of a supervisors signature.” I went before a Summery Court Martial and was found innocent of both the forgery of a supervisors signature and intentionally signing a official document. Because of such a great outcome Im hopeful now my command will not further any more action against me as I was only found guilty for a minor charge. Because a Summary Court Martial is so unique having Ernesto there to fight on my behalf is the only way that I could have beat 2 out of the 3 charges. Because Im stationed in Okinawa Japan there are no legal defense lawyers here to fight my case for me and I was dependent on calling and learning the laws and rules from a JAG officer stationed over in Korea. Because It was a Summery Court Martial and that there are no military defense lawyers stationed over here in Okinawa Japan for the Army I was being forced to represent myself as the Defense lawyers in Korea were busy doing larger Special Court Martial's in Korea and are not required to represent a soldier in a Summery Court Martial. I was over whelmed with the situation as my command was punishing me administratively as well during this whole time. I talked with Ernesto and he was willing to fly out here to Okinawa Japan and fight my case for me in the Summery Court Martial. I can't tell you enough how grateful I was to him for flying out here from the U.S. and doing all the proceedings on my behalf. If I would have tried to represent myself I would have been found guilty of all the charges as I had no idea of how the military law trials work. Ernesto's willingness to fly out here and represent me has given me a chance to stay in the Army. I have no regrets in hiring him. I did my research on civilian lawyers in trying to find a good lawyer. Ernesto eats, breaths, and sleeps military law. Even if you have several allegations stacked up against you as I had and he is unable to beat them all you can rest assure that with Ernesto you will have a better outcome then if you would have hired anyone else. If i ever get into trouble again while being in the military, Ernesto Gapasin is who I will call. I strongly will recommend Ernesto Gapasin to all my friends if they ever find themselves in any case dealing with Military law.”

– P.S.


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