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R.S. Recommends Ernesto Gapasin

“I found Mr. Gapasin online after speaking to a few others. I found him to be genuine and trustworthy and that he was a person with a willingness to help (not just fees). He immediately requested an extension to my hearing and we began putting our case together. He gathered my facts rather quickly and began composing my witnesses and making his recommendations as to who should be present, be telephonic, and/or provide character statements; to include the reasons why. He made it a point to make a recommendation to strategies, but always asked ME what I thought about the idea. He was definitely “Customer” focused. The day prior to the hearing Mr. Gapasin arrived and met with me and we finalized our game plan. This guy listens and absorbs like a sponge. I was astounded with his delivery. He cross examined all of the prosecution's witnesses and discredited all of them . . . . Being represented with Mr. Gapasin's wit, intuition, and professionalism this all was possible. He is astounding in the courtroom and his characterization of being an astute Defense Attorney is his claim to fame. Thank you Ernesto, for your candidness, believing in me, and your professionalism!!!”

– R.S.


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