Client Testimonials

Thank you Mr. Gapasin

In May 2017 my son, an active duty E5, was served with charges, Violation of UCMJ Article 120. (RAPE). As his father, I knew he was going to need a very good attorney with experience in military courts and procedures. We conducted a diligent search, via the internet, and found Ernesto Gapasin and his firm. My son and I were confident from our research Mr. Gapasin was well qualified to handle his case. I was fairly certain when I contacted his office, that it would take several days before we heard back from Mr. Gapasin. We were pleasantly surprised when he called us in less than 24 hours. During our initial conversation with Mr. Gapasin he was professional, compassionate, and down to earth. Mr. Gapasin was up front from the very beginning about what my son could expect as his case made it through the various procedures, motions, Article 32 hearing and unfortunately Court Martial, and final disposition. Mr. Gapasin also explained the services his office provides and his legal fees. It was a relief to know the financial burden was not going to break the bank. Even before Mr. Gapasin was retained, he began helping my son to prepare for the legal battle he was about to face. Mr. Gapasin traveled to my son's base to meet with him and stayed in touch with him throughout the legal process. During the court process, Mr. Gapasin was worth every dime we spent on his services. From the motions he filed, to the examination of witnesses at the Article 32 hearing and the Court Martial that followed, Mr. Gapasin was well prepared and effective. It took 7 months to go through all of the court processes. As a result of Mr. Gapasin's efforts on my son's behave, the Article 32 hearing officer recommended all charges be dropped. The military JAG office went forward to Court Martial, despite the recommendations of the hearing officer. At the Court Martial, Mr. Gapasin's trial experience was evident. As a father, I could not have asked for a better attorney to advocate for my son. Due greatly to Mr. Gapasin's efforts on his behave, my son was found NOT GUILTY.
If you are facing the criminal process through the military, I highly recommend you contact Mr. Gapasin and his firm about representation. You will not find another attorney that will fight for you as well and as effectively as Mr. Gapasin.

– Robert