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Security clearance eligibility is REINSTATED.

August 8, 2018, In Re K.C. (Applicant), Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA), Washington D.C. Applicant is issued a Statement of Reasons denying him his security clearance which he held for over 30 years. The Department cites disqualifying security concerns involving a student loan debt that was charged off in the amount of $97,000. The Department also accuses Applicant of not being truthful on the Electronic Questionnaire for Investigations Processing, dated 2016. Applicant's entire career rested on maintaining his security clearance. Applicant retains GCW Law. Mr. Gapasin physically represents client at the DOHA hearing office in Arlington, Virginia. Gapasin argues on behalf of his client, how he co-signed the student loans for his son, and how his client was trustworthy and reliable with an excellent reputation of maintaining his financial obligations. Gapasin also provided the Administrative Law Judge with documents from Key Bank showing that the bank charged off the debt with no requirement to pay. The Judge ultimately found that the evidence presented mitigated any security concerns and that it was consistent with the nation's security interests to grant K.C. his security clearance.  RESULT: Security clearance eligibility is REINSTATED.