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When Your Security Clearance Is Denied, Suspended Or Revoked, Contact Us Today.

GAPASIN LAW GROUP is here to help you if you are a service member or a contractor and your security clearance has been denied, suspended or revoked.  You should retain an experienced attorney to fight on your behalf so you can keep your clearance.  Hiring the right attorney can save your career.  Without a security clearance, you likely will be unable to pursue a career in the military or as a contractor depending on the type of work you are pursuing.  If you received a letter entitled “Intent to Revoke Security Clearance” or a letter with a “Statement of Reasons” for a denial of your security clearance, then a preliminary decision to revoke your security clearance has already been made.

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DOHA hearings held in the One Liberty Center located in Arlington, VA

You then have two decisions:  (1)  forfeit your opportunity to contest the security clearance revocation; or (2) elect to submit a statement and materials for consideration in the final adjudication.  Department of Defense Directive 5200.2 (DODD 5200.2) outlines your possible courses of action as your attorney represents you in the process.  The adjudication process rests on a standard referred to as “the whole person concept,” which is comprised of a list of factors used for consideration in every case.  Your attorney should contest the loss of your clearance based on these factors.

After submission of the brief, the statements and materials, if your security clearance is still being revoked, you may still request personal appearance before a Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA) Administrative Judge.

Once you are aware that your security clearance is about to be denied, suspended or revoked, your best course of action is to retain an experienced attorney to represent you.  Call GAPASIN LAW GROUP today or email us for a No-Cost Consultation.

Be Advised:  We will ask for you to email us documents related to your security clearance for our review.  Understand that all communications as well as review of documents is CONFIDENTIAL.


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