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Separation Boards

Officer Separation/Show Cause Boards, Elimination Boards

If you are facing involuntary separation from the military, call GAPASIN LAW GROUP.  We know that it is very possible that your administrative separation board is being handled unfairly. Mr. Gapasin has counseled hundreds of service members facing separation, and he has litigated many of these to a board decision.

Mr. Gapasin is well-versed on regulations dealing with Officer & Administration Elimination Boards, Active Duty Enlisted Administrative Separations, and Enlisted Administrative Separations (National Guard and Reserves). Contact Mr. Gapasin, a civilian attorney for the military, to ensure that you are being allowed to exercise your rights when you are facing a separation board. Service members who are entitled to a board may submit a waiver contingent on the approving authority agreeing to a certain type of discharge, but make sure you are not waiving away your rights. One way to make sure is to contact GAPASIN LAW GROUP in order to make an informed decision.

If you are pending a board, Mr. Gapasin will confirm that you have the proper documentation in your separation packet such as the Commander's Memo, the Chain of Command Recommendations, and your Election of Rights document. By calling the firm, you will also learn the difference in benefits if you receive different types of discharges, i.e., Honorable, General Under Honorable Conditions, Other Than Honorable, and Dishonorable.

What many service members facing separation do not know is that you have the right to cross-examine witnesses, request your own witnesses to testify on your behalf. If you are facing separation, do not lightly consider your career and fail to appear before the board fully prepared. Contact Us at GAPASIN LAW GROUP to discuss your pending administrative separation boards and what to expect.


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