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W.D. Recommends Ernesto Gapasin

“Ernesto, was an awesome attorney. I hired Ernesto in May of 2014 and we did not go into court until Nov 23, 2015. Ernesto was professional and engaging the entire time. He was very accessible throughout the long legal process leading to the day of court. He was passionate about my case and I felt like I knew him for years after a short period of time.  On the day of court, he had a plan, but like any good plan – it was subject to change. Ernesto had very impactful opening and closing statements and was very organized and prepared to counter any of the imposing arguments. There were several spontaneous events during the court proceeding to include accessing Face Book for pictures. His keen attention to detail allowed us to maneuver our way through the entire proceedings and make changes as necessary to leave a lasting impact on the board and the court room. I am very appreciative of his hard work, dedication to his client and hunger for justice.  I highly recommend obtaining him as your attorney in a time of crisis. Thanks to Ernesto, I am able to continue to serve in the Army and protect this great nation.”

– W.D.


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