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Y.L. Recommends Ernesto Gapasin

“Mr. Ernesto Gapasin is the best lawyer you can hire. I will not hesitate to hire him. He defended me against the “hand-picked” best prosecutors in the Pacific. I believe my case is in the “unofficial” military record of facing most number of charges with the result of FULL Acquittal in the military Court-Martial. I faced false allegation charges from Rape, Sexual assault, to other military related charges that were initiated by foreign ex-wife whom wanted a revenge for divorcing her. My corrupted chain of command supported her and added other charges to make sure I will be found guilty of something…if not all and to make me look bad in front of the panel members. I faced over 100 years in confinement if I was found guilty of all charges. From the allegations, investigations, Article 32 hearing, and to the date of Court-Martial took almost 15 months. In the court, Mr. Gapasin was able show the Officer panel that she was lying from the beginning and displayed her evil and vindictive motives to destroy me. The judge and panel members could be believe how my chain of command and prosecution team wasted their time and government's money to have the court martial against me. During the 15 months, was my hardest moment in my life and Mr. Gapasin was there for me each and every day. He believed in my case and I believe in his ability to defend any clients like he did with me. I trust him 100% with my life because he literally saved my life in the court room that day. I was able to continue my Army career afterwards and have been successful. I, absolutely recommend that you hire Mr. Gapasin to represent you.”

– Y.L.


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