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Get Your Legal Opinion in 24 Hours:

  • Financial Liability Investigations of Property Loss (FLIPLs)

  • General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand (GOMORs)

  • Separation Board Rebuttal

  • Nonjudicial Punishment (Article 15, Mast, Office Hours)

  • Qualitative Management Program (QMP)

No need to pay high retainer fees or get billed by the hour by an attorney.  We will charge you a small one-time fee.  

The fee covers:  

(1) A brief interview with direct questions about your situation;

(2) A written legal opinion emailed to you within 24 hours, specifically prepared with the facts of your case in mind; and,

(3) The option for you to call our office to ask any questions regarding the written legal opinion or seeking clarification on any matters.  (We recognize that in any case, there may be additional questions).

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Our office will reach out about your case.  We will conduct a brief, confidential interview regarding your legal situation.  Our Attorney will quickly provide you with a written legal memorandum providing advice and possible courses of action for you to take in your situation.  

Every case is different.  Our attorneys will provide you with a legal memorandum that will highlight possible courses of action in your situation, as well as potential legal pitfalls.  Our advice will cover all situations you need to be aware of and will be quickly emailed to you.  This will help you to best choose your course of action on how to approach your situation, and can also help you in discussing the situation with your appointed military counsel.  

If you are facing any of these administrative actions or nonjudicial punishment, having an experienced defense counsel in your corner can prevent the end of your career or worse. 

There is no doubt that some type of administrative action or nonjudicial punishment can ruin your opportunities for promotion and can even result in your separation from the Military. GAPASIN LAW GROUP takes defending service members seriously. Mr. Gapasin has advised and defended hundreds of service members from the disastrous effects of nonjudicial punishment. Mr. Gapasin has listened to hundreds of cases and depending on the facts, advised clients to turn down the nonjudicial punishment and instead opt for trial by court-martial. Do not report for your second reading without first having an opportunity to consult an experienced attorney in the field of Military Law and Courts-Martial Defense. Your career and livelihood depend on it.


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