Military Administrative Actions and Nonjudicial Punishment

The practice of Military Law and Defense involves so many various areas in addition to Courts-Martial and Separation Boards. So many other issues are intrinsically linked to court-martial actions and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  These other issues, like those below, can just as seriously impact your career, your future employment opportunities, and your life. If you are facing any of these administrative actions or nonjudicial punishment, having an experienced defense counsel in your corner can prevent the end of your career or worse (click link below to Read More). 

You may also be facing the following:

  • Are you receiving a Reprimand in your permanent file?
  • Have you received Notice of a Separation Board?
  • Are you being read Nonjudicial Punishment, like an Article 15 or Captain's Mast?
  • Is your command getting you QMP'd?

There is no doubt that some type of Administrative Action or Nonjudicial Punishment can ruin your opportunities for promotion and can even result in your separation from the Military. GAPASIN LAW GROUP, LLC takes defending service members seriously. Mr. Gapasin has advised and defended hundreds of service members from the disastrous effects of nonjudicial punishment. Mr. Gapasin has listened to hundreds of cases and depending on the facts, advised clients to turn down the nonjudicial punishment and instead opt for trial by court-martial.

Call GAPASIN LAW GROUP, LLC at (417) 530-4693.  Do not report for your second reading without first having an opportunity to consult an experienced attorney in the field of Military Law and Courts-Martial Defense. Your career and livelihood depend on it.