If you are facing charges for murder or some type of homicide offense, its a safe bet that if you are found guilty, your way of life as you knew it could be over. GAPASIN LAW GROUP is willing to go the distance with you. Your lawyer must be able to handle the stress and the pressures of a complicated, difficult case that could result in a very severe sentence for the client. Mr. Gapasin is that lawyer, and a civilian court martial lawyer with the experience of working difficult homicides.  Gapasin served as lead counsel in several murder and attempted murder cases.

There are various classifications of homicides, even those that are justifiable or excusable. Those homicides that are commanded or authorized by law, such as those committed in self-defense of one's life, may not be punishable by law. Homicides can also range between those that are alleged to be premeditated where you may be accused of intending to commit the act, versus those that are unpremeditated, or that happen because the person accused acted with culpable negligence. Mr. Gapasin knows the distinction between these classifications and knows how to defend you against these types of accusations.

To be charged with the crime of murder will be one of the most stressful ordeals you, your family, and your friends will ever face. Even if you are fully acquitted of this crime, your life will be changed. As a military defense attorney, Mr. Gapasin has the experience to walk the way with you, and to defend you every step of the way. Mr. Gapasin will get the best experts, and will conduct an incredibly thorough pre-trial investigation to give you the winning advantage.

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