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Not Guilty of 5 Charges at General Court Martial

Hired Ernesto immediately after a consultation. I was dealing with an ex girlfriend who was spiteful and wanted to do everything possible to ruin my life. After speaking to Ernesto I was confident that he could get the truth to surface. At my pre motions hearing he was able to have a BAH fraud charge dropped due to no intent to deceive the government and at my General Court Martial he was able to get me a Not Guilty verdict on 5 specifications including 128 (felony level aggravated assault). During his cross examination of my ex girlfriend he was able to get her to admit to lying to NCIS and completely discredited her. She was so frustrated during his cross examination that she stormed out of the court room with in the first 15 minutes. I would highly recommend Ernesto to someone, his litigation skills and experience separate him by a land slide from other attorneys. Because of Ernesto I was able to clear my name and be with my wife and 2 and a 1/2 month old son. To include retain my reputation and Honorable Discharge.

– Israel


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