Client Testimonials

Best Military Defense Lawyer in the entire business

Ernesto is absolutely the best lawyer in the business. I was involved in a spiteful divorce with another military member who I believed was having an affair. After I notified her command of this and a investigation was launched she accused me of sexual assault and then for 18 months she continued to make up statement after statement against me (giving me more and more charges). Ernesto stood by me every step of the way, fighting tooth and nail against the corruption. He was there when I wanted to give up (and believe me I really, really did more than once). The charges made up against me would have ruined my entire life forever. Ernesto saw through the corruption, believed in me and fought our way to victory and showed the government none of what this woman said ever happened. If I had hired anyone else I believe I would have lost my life. Ernesto literally saved my life against someone who wanted to hurt me in the worst way possible and against a very overbearing and overzealous prosecution. I cannot thank Ernesto enough for standing by and protecting and helping me for the past 18 months. He has given me my life back and I am eternally grateful.