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NON-PUNITIVE Letter Only.  NO Prosecution.  Allowed to continue with retirement from Navy. 

July 1, 2016, Norfolk, Virginia, U.S. v. E-9.  Government investigates Master Chief Commissaryman (CSCM) in high-profile Navy case involving the Glenn Defense Marine Asia (GDMA) matter.  This case is heavily reported by newspapers and media outlets as the “Fat Leonard” case, which results in several high-ranking officials in Navy circles being federally indicted for accepting bribes and favors in exchange for information on US Navy ship movements in the Pacific. The information was allegedly for purposes of arranging visits to specific ports where GDMA handled ship husbanding chores.  CSCM finds himself a suspect of this wide-scale military investigation and faces possible confinement with a dishonorable discharge.  CSCM is accused of accepting gifts of discounted hotel accommodations and transportation in Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Darwin and Busan. CSCM retains Mr. Gapasin to represent him against allegations imposed by the GDMA Consolidated Disposition Authority (CDA). After conducting a diligent and thorough investigation, Gapasin responds to the allegations in written submissions and in a conference with Admiral associated with the CDA.  RESULT:  NON-PUNITIVE Letter Only.  NO Prosecution.  Allowed to continue with retirement from Navy.