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ROTC Disenrollment

Are You Being Referred For Disenrollment From ROTC?  

If you are a Cadet in a ROTC program and you are being referred for disenrollment or involuntarily separated, contact GCW Law ASAP.  We focus not just on military courts-martial, but Disenrollment Hearings as well.  This includes Cadets who are enrolled in a ROTC program at their college or university.

Many Cadets who are being referred for disenrollment face funding their college education on their own dime, losing their scholarship, or being denied “guaranteed” benefits they were expecting to receive after completing the ROTC program.  If this is you, call or email WORSHAM & GAPASIN.  Representing Cadets facing disenrollment from ROTC is completely within our focused area of practice.

You can contact us via email by using the contact form to the left and clicking “Submit”.  Or, you can call us at 1-(888) 919-8265 .  Attorneys from our firm will then call or email you back to fully discuss your case and to answer any questions you may have.


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